Blaise Garden adds to Feel Good Day, 13th May 2017

A number of garden volunteers spent a large part of their Saturday setting up  and manning a table at this first of its type event on Barnards Park (the green space opposite Crow Lane shops). Their hard work was rewarded with considerable interest and enjoyment.

Well done to them all.

Christmas Crafts 2016


Such an amazing Community Event yesterday at the Garden – it was BUZZING continuously from start to finish with people arriving from all over Bristol to create amazing Christmas Decorations from natural materials and pure imagination! Or just to enjoy the home made delicious cakes and refreshments in a welcoming friendly environment.
The kids got involved, the Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Friends and our wonderful volunteers who all put 100% in one form or another – from foraging to baking – We have a wonderful team!
Big shout out to Country Baskets for the donation of craft supplies, Amphora Aromatics for the candles and essential oils Vegware for the compostable cups/plates/napkins etc and Blaise Castle House Museum for linking up with us.

Bonfire Bonanza

Remember, remember the 5th November and a good time was had by all.  There was a guy, a bonfire and fireworks a plenty.  It was a sparkling extravaganza and we all enjoyed sitting round the old boiler lid, reincarnated as a firepit.  We also did ourselves proud with a wonderful spread of culinary delights. Here is a collection of photos kindly supplied by Martin Hewer.

The stunning pictorial meadows

This year everyone has been hard at work preparing the tough soil, clearing weeds and removing stubborn grass in preparation for the seeding of the meadow…and hasn’t it paid off! The meadow is situated at the bottom of the garden near the bee hives and for months now the meadow has been flowering. Not only is it providing a great source of nectar to insects and pollinators ( there have been bees buzzing around the flowers constantly!) it is also a beautiful sight !

The honey bees in the hives ( set up by the ‘bee the change project’) next too the meadow will also be benefiting from the flowers

The meadow has also helped us with educational events. At the get growing trail event this June , Mick was able to teach children and adults about minibeats and pollinators by showing them all the insects attracted to the meadow.

A big thankyou to Pictorial meadows where we got the seeds from . Here is a link to their website :