Help for Members

The information that is restricted to signed up members includes the membership list and minutes of General meetings. Trustees also have access to minutes of Trustee meetings.

Any member wanting to view the above information is required to register with name, user id and password. This is achieved by invoking the Register link on the Login screen brought up by pressing the Members tab under Members pages on the main menu.

After registration there will be a delay, hopefully not more than a day, while the administrator checks the membership list and grants the necessary access.

The Email link takes members to the Garden email administration pages. If a member wishes to have access to these he / she needs to send a message to .And any message sent to this address is NOT automatically circulated to all members. If you wish your message to be sent on to all members please make this clear in your message. Finally if you are using the Members list to circulate to all members please use the BCC option as this avoids broadcasting everyone’s email address.