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Date Sighting Image Photo(s) Place Notes By
28/06/2020 Garden vixen
Blaise Community Garden Belinda
10/08/2019 Harvestman on squash plant in sunshine
Blaise Community Garden ".... a harvestman. These are related to spiders but belong to a different order More ... Frank Taylor
23/07/2019 Badger
Blaise Community Garden A hungry badger pays a visit, before access route was blocked. Belinda
23/07/2019 Fox
Blaise Community Garden A regular visitor to the garden. Belinda
01/06/2019 Dragonfly case
Blaise Community Garden The recently vacated case still sticks to the stem. Colin Marrs
24/04/2019 Bees swarming
Blaise Community Garden Heather the bee lady moved them complete with plant to a hive. Colin Marrs
13/09/2018 Hornet attacking a bee
Blaise Community Garden Can any one identify the hornet?
Is it a European one or Asian?
Chris Carroll
29/08/2018 Ladybird (with interesting markings)
Blaise Community Garden Seen floating in a bucket of water, placed on leaf and seemed OK. Colin Marrs
01/03/2018 Redwings in the snow
4, Rectory Gardens Chris Carroll
22/07/2017 Field vole
Blaise Community Garden Marianne Warford
03/06/2017 Broad-bodied Chaser
Blaise Community Garden In the pond Colin Marrs
29/04/2017 Toad
Blaise community garden The toad is inspecting it's new surroundings by the pond, having been moved from More ... Colin Marrs
02/12/2016 Wood wasp nest in roof
Rectory Gardens Wall behind nest is 3 ft high Tim Parkinson
11/05/2015 Spotted Flycatcher
Rectory Gardens Tim & Lisa Parkinson
26/04/2015 Common Toad
Blaise Community Garden
19/03/2015 Two kingfishers Hazel Brook by National Cycle Path bridge Downstream from bridge Pat
27/09/2014 Smooth Newt
Blaise Community Garden Pete Carroll
28/09/2013 Kingfisher Hazel Brook by National Cycle Path bridge Flash of blue flying downstream Tim Parkinson
10/09/2013 Dunnock, pecking on driveway 264 Henbury Road Marie Page
05/11/2012 2,Foxes in garden,were there for about 5 minuts,under bird table Battersby Way,Henbury dave hough