Autumn in the Garden -2014

Throughout autumn we have been busy preparing the garden for spring.

We have been busy moving soil from inside the glass greenhouse for crop rotation.

In Greenhouse 3 we are making raised beds and ramps.

Lots of tarmac and rubble alongside greenhouse 3 has been removed by our hardy workers throughout the cold weather! In its place a new bed 25m long has been created where we hope to plant fruit bushes and crops.  Along our east facing wall we have also been busy moving boulders and preparing the ground for our cordon apple and pear trees.

The Fruit bushes were moved from a north facing wall to a sunnier position. In its place we have started to create a fernery in a stumpery.

Tons of manure has been dug from the RDA centre and brought to the garden in preparation for spring time.


Blaise Dog show – “Hounds in the Grounds” 7th September

Blaise Fun dog show was held on the 7th of September, presented by Viking Vets. Here are some pictures of our stall on the day showing our organic produce.  People were very generous with their donations for the produce, £120 was collected. Thank you to all who helped and visited our stall!

And some more photos by Alastair Blackwell

Blaise Community Garden- Summer 2014

Entrance to Blaise Community garden
Our garden Robin
Strawberry patch
The herbs
The bug house to attract insects
New cold frames made, lettuce growing
The first of the tomatoes
Inspecting the cabbages!
New wooden benches and bird boxes being made
Some of the broad bean harvest
Cauliflowers growing
The wildflower areas
Greenhouse number one all planted up
Green house number two
Planting flowers and vegetables on raised beds
The now resident scarecrows at the garden
A basket of produce collected to give to people in the community.

Get Growing Weekend 7th & 8th June

A truly amazing weekend which deservedly gladdened the hearts of all those who put so much care and effort into the garden.

Quotes: –

Chris – “A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part, making the event such a wonderful success, with the bonus of £306. I will send cards to the extra helpers and cake bakers”

Mick -“This was a fantastic weekend, terrific organisation and participation by everyone – it was wonderful to be involved.The current estimate is some 200 – 250 people visited the garden over the weekend.  This is wonderful and I am sure the Council will be pleased with this success. I also heard that some useful conversations were had with George Fergusson and Charlotte Lesley on Saturday morning regarding the potential of the area and future ideas for the garden. Big thanks to all involved, and to Chris, as I am sure you all agree, her good nature, energy and drive encourages us all to deliver successful events like this together!”

Charles – ” Saturday sales income – £173.16,Sunday sales income   – £152.85. So £306.01 to add to our funds –  well done everyone.”

Here is a link to 58 fine photos taken by Jessie Marcham commissioned by the Get Growing Trail: