Get growing trail – This weekend… 4th and 5th of June!


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The Bristol Get Growing Trail is happening again for 2016 !

There will be a Plant Sale. There will also be refreshments, a Barbecue at Mid day and cake sale.

The garden will have lots of activities for all the family. Come and get involved in decorating colourful  signs and totempoles to brighten up the garden. Make your mark with your own handprints and turn your thumb prints into fun beasties and animals to cover the signs.  There will also be seeding a wildflower meadow strip and more!

The Bristol Get Growing Trail is part of 20 of Bristol’s Secret fruit & veg gardens that will open their gates to visitors.

Blaise Community garden will be open 11.00am – 4.00pm both days. From the 4th – 5th of June.

Hope to see you there !

(Here’s a sneak preview of one the totempoles…hopefully we will have a giant tree and bee signs to decorate this weekend too!)


MUSEUMS AT NIGHT – ‘ENCHANTED GARDENS’ Saturday, 14 May 2016 16:30PM – 9.00PM

This will be a fantastic extravaganza creating a mythical, magical twilight world. Families come throughout the afternoon and early evening, making mythical hats, fairy wings etc in the museum, then wander outside through the woods and gardens, where different spaces have different magical activities. We’d love the kitchen garden to be one of the spaces.

The Community Garden will be doing magical miniature jar terrariums with Helen, which should be great fun. Come and explore the garden at dark that will be lit up in magical lights

And again, we would hope that the outcome would be that visitors get to see the spaces at a time they would not usually be able to experience them, but also in a new and magical way.

Easter Egg Hunt – Wednesday 30th March

With Caroline Littlejohns initiative we are  participating in an event in the school Easter holidays) – Easter egg hunt, in the museum and gardens (Community Kitchen, Dairy and Rose gardens).

We propose a map trail taking families through the gardens and museum.  Visitors would be looking for specially designed images of eggs, each bearing a rhyme relating to a theme (something like birds, flowers or nursery rhymes), and a letter.  When all eggs are found they solve the anagram and claim their chocolate egg prize.  We would supply all the eggs etc, and do all of the set up and work, but would need to place the letter eggs, with your guidance, in spots around the garden.

It would be a great way to encourage people to go back and forth between the museum and garden, especially at the time of year when people are starting to look at outdoor activities again

Bee Keeping Course by BEE THE CHANGE PROJECT

On the sunny weekend of the 12th and 13th of March 2016 An INTRODUCTION TO NATURAL BEE KEEPING was held by ‘BEE THE CHANGE’ PROJECT at Blaise community Garden. 

These were some of the topics that were involved in the Bee keeping weekend:

·       Natural history of the honeybee
·       History of beekeeping
·       Beekeeping around the world (emphasis on Tree-Beekeeping)
·       Sustainable beekeeping practices
·       How to collect a swarm
·       How to work with varroa (and not against it)
·       Medicinal properties and uses of honey, propolis, wax etc
·       The pollination crisis and how to help bees

CHRIS CARROLL : “It was wonderful to hear the great knowledge from Heather and Tim at ‘Bee the Change’ who have recently been travelling to look at bee keeping practices in many different countries, even tree bee keeping in Poland. The weekend was fascinating, we learned all about bee behaviour and the effect of pesticides and chemical additives used in bee keeping and the effects on bees world wide. We tasted the delicious local honey and a drink containing propolis which has many therapeutic properties.”

“We are very excited that ‘Bee the change’ can set up a bee sanctuary at Blaise Community Garden, with bee hives and bee friendly flower bed to benefit all types of bees. This means honey can be sourced locally, and natural bee keeping can be supported. The Community Garden will be supporting Pesticide Safe Bristol Alliance.  A great variety of bee friendly plants to support bees through out the seasons are being grown and planted in the Community Garden this Spring. I hope our new furry friends will enjoy their new residence as much as I have enjoyed learning about them. ”

For more information about Bee keeping or to find out when the next bee courses are visit

They came, they went at it and then they went!

DSC_0688Phew! Nothing was going to stop the volunteers from THE YORKSHIRE BUILDING SOCIETY: certainly not the weather though it was a nice dry if windy morning in the garden.

The volunteers worked with enthusiasm and even enjoyment in achieving a transformation of Greenhouse 4. Just look at the photos kindly provide by Martin and Joanna in the collection below.

We, the  Community Garden, are very grateful indeed to the volunteers. Perhaps they will encourage others to come and give a hand and, at the same time, enjoy the fresh air and activity.

Growing in the heart of the community