MUSEUMS AT NIGHT – ‘ENCHANTED GARDENS’ Saturday, 14 May 2016 16:30PM – 9.00PM

This will be a fantastic extravaganza creating a mythical, magical twilight world. Families come throughout the afternoon and early evening, making mythical hats, fairy wings etc in the museum, then wander outside through the woods and gardens, where different spaces have different magical activities. We’d love the kitchen garden to be one of the spaces.

The Community Garden will be doing magical miniature jar terrariums with Helen, which should be great fun. Come and explore the garden at dark that will be lit up in magical lights

And again, we would hope that the outcome would be that visitors get to see the spaces at a time they would not usually be able to experience them, but also in a new and magical way.

Easter Egg Hunt – Wednesday 30th March

With Caroline Littlejohns initiative we are  participating in an event in the school Easter holidays) – Easter egg hunt, in the museum and gardens (Community Kitchen, Dairy and Rose gardens).

We propose a map trail taking families through the gardens and museum.  Visitors would be looking for specially designed images of eggs, each bearing a rhyme relating to a theme (something like birds, flowers or nursery rhymes), and a letter.  When all eggs are found they solve the anagram and claim their chocolate egg prize.  We would supply all the eggs etc, and do all of the set up and work, but would need to place the letter eggs, with your guidance, in spots around the garden.

It would be a great way to encourage people to go back and forth between the museum and garden, especially at the time of year when people are starting to look at outdoor activities again

Diggers required – getting to the root of the problem

We have two raised beds uncovered by the enormous efforts of stalwart volunteers who cleared the brambles of the area. We now have the problem of digging the beds to clear the bramble roots and other undesirable weeds. This is a big task and we urgently need more members to help on Saturday mornings.

A little guidance if you can give us a helping hand (and foot!) gained from direct experience.

The soil beds are lined with a tough black membrane at a depth of about 10″ and the bramble roots lie along on top of the membrane.  So I recommend digging solid clods out with a spade and exposing the membrane.2016-01-09 12.28.30

Then any roots lying along the membrane or, occasionally, coming through it can be cut off with the spade.

Then the clods can be broken up with a fork, roots, etc extracted and the soil replaced in trench.

This is hard work and takes time but does ensure most of the problem brambles are eliminated.

It took me 2hrs to do this amount.2016-01-09 12.53.39

The deadline date for having the ground prepared for planting Early potatoes is St Patricks Day, 17th March,  so please come and dig if you can.


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